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It is not uncommon for people to move their things to a storage unit to make their life a little less cluttered.  As such, it does not necessarily mean that you can transfer the mess from your home or office to your storage container.  A disorganized storage container has several negative effects that not only cause inconvenience, but are also safety hazards:

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  • A cluttered, just like a cluttered home or work space, is not a sight you want to look at.  Although you do not go to your storage container all the time, you do not want a big mess to greet you when you roll up the container door.
  • Pests like roaches and rats thrive in messy places.  This includes your storage too.
  • It is harder to find stuff when they are all over the place. It could take you hours rifling through boxes just to look for one item in particular.
  • Improperly stowed items can fall on you or anyone going into your storage and cause injury. A book falling on your head is painful enough, what more if it were a large TV?
  • Your items can get damaged if you do not store them properly.  If you think about it, if do not mind them getting damaged, you might not really need to keep them in storage.  You might want to consider disposing of things if you do not want to store them properly.

To avoid these, here are some tips that you can follow when it comes to moving your things to a storage container:

  1. Use sturdy boxes – the boxes that you use should be able to hold the items and still keep their shape.  Check their weight capacity and stacking limits.  If you have a little more budget to spare, you can check out inexpensive plastic containers from your local home improvement store or hardware.
  2. Decide on what to “lose” or “keep” – junk the pack rat mentality and be more practical about what you choose to keep in storage.  You want to be able to maximize your storage space.  For things that you are willing to “lose” but do not want to throw away, you can either hold a garage sale and make money out of them or give them away for charity.
  3. Label your boxes – sort your items, put them in boxes, and then label them accordingly.  Some of the most common labels you will end up with are holiday decorations, kitchenware, electronics, toys, photographs, files, etc. Make sure that the labels remain visible even if you don’t move the containers. This system of labeling will help avoid having to go through “mystery” boxes to find what you need.
  4. container-storageShelve it – use shelves to save on floor space.  This will also help you with the stacking issue as you do not have to stack the boxes on top of each other.  You can choose to use metal or wooden shelves.  There are pros and cons to each one so make sure that you weigh them carefully based on both cost and practical reasons.
  5. Compartmentalize – arrange your boxes in a logical manner, or at least one that makes sense to you.  Do not just stuff the boxes into the shelves randomly.  One idea is to arrange them according to the room they belong to – i.e. kitchen, bedroom, living room, entertainment and electronics, and clothes.
  6. Position big items against the wall – you have to make sure that your big items are properly supported so they would not topple over accidentally.  They might break your other items when they do fall.  Worse, they could fall on you when you walk into your storage container.  Dressers, bureaus, mattresses, and other similar items should be secured in place.
  7. Protect your belongings – storage containers such as those from are already made from high quality steel that are wind and water tight.  This guarantees that the items you have stored there will not likely be damaged due to water or mildew problems.  You do, however, need to make sure that you protect your items from damage due to accidental dropping or falling. There are products to protect items such as photographs and paintings as well as breakables like china, vases, and figurines.  Place these items in containers that will not be crushed under the weight of other boxes and items.

We at support your efforts for an organized life.  We provide you with solutions so that you can have “a place for everything and everything in its place.”  We hope that these storage organizing tips have given you a good idea of how to go about your storage container tasks.


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Tips in Organizing Your Storage Container