Patch Microeconomics: Gail Aiken

How we create small embroidered pieces to help organizations

Believe it or not, once upon a time, patches were the only way to identify a recognized organization or unit. Long before organizations were recognized legally, patches were used as a means to identify its members.

As the years passed, patches are now synonymous with identifying members of a specific group, recognizing people with similar tastes in pop culture and social awareness

Custom PatchNow that the patches are back in fashion, there is also the potential for small time entrepreneurs and established organizations to capitalize on this iconic accessory. Entrepreneurs can have patches of varying designs made and sold to various customers who need patches. The best customers are those who are DIY aficionados and aspiring artisans. They are then followed by people who are looking for a subtle, but bold means of expressing their admiration for a specific icon. This tactic allows small time entrepreneurs to make a small profit for themselves as well. For organizations, the patches are made to spread awareness of a certain topic or issue such as LGBT, Cancer Awareness and even National Pride.

The most popular patches are iron on patches. As its name implies, they are basically patches that are attached to the desired medium by the use of an iron. These are favorable because they provide a finished and seamless look and are perfect for those who are not quite adept at sewing neatly.

So where can entrepreneurs and organizations acquire iron on patches?

Our service includes creating customized patches for people who wish to capitalize on the new and popular trend of subtle badges. We make them in minimum orders of 10 pieces and so on, which gives our clients the choice to order in bulk!

Creating custom iron on patches is very simple. Our artists follow a simple step by step guide. The first step is design. A custom patch won’t really be called a custom patch if it wasn’t made uniquely. We design the patches according to how the clients envision the look. We can even enhance the rough sketches for a more defined look. For entrepreneurs looking to make patches out of existing icons and images, they only need to make modifications. Whatever the design, what makes the patch is what it means to the user.

The second step is choosing the embroidery thread. Our package allows 7 free threads to use. Afterwards, our artists can show our clients the option of how the embroidery can be done. The choices are either fully embroidered or partially embroidered patches.

The next step is sizing. Because these are custom patches, our service includes making patches in varying sizes. The patches can also be made in various shapes. Our artists give clients the option to have their patches shaped like circles, star or even stenciled out designs.

The next step is choosing the patches backing. We have a wide range of patch backing to choose from. We have tape backing, Velcro backing, plastic backing, button loop backing and of course, the most popular of all, the iron on backing for iron on patches.

The next step is to decide whether the patches have borders or not. Ideally, the borders are designed to keep the stray threads in line as well as show a detailed and clean look. We advise our clients to choose either the standard merrow border which gives the patch a simple, but classic look, or the hot cut edge, which gives intricately detailed patches a sharper look.

We also offer additional patch options such as the use of metallic threads instead of common threads for those eye-popping graphics and additional thread colors. We believe that offering these additional options allows entrepreneurs and organizations the chance to venture further in their patch design supply.

The best part of our service is that we do free costing. Once our clients are sure of their patch specifications, they fill up a form with the necessary details such as size and quantity. Then they send it to us and after reviewing it, we send it back to them with the complete cost options.

PatchThis is done so that our clients can see the total cost of the design and whether or not they will opt for a different look or accept it. We strive to make our client’s satisfaction our top priority. And we put 100% in producing the many patches they will either sell or promote.

We do what we can to help our communities in their many endeavors. We believe that producing custom patches such as the popular iron on patches are the best and most effective way for people to earn a little bit of money on the side. We prize positive satisfaction from entrepreneur and their customers, as well as workmanship and service of the highest caliber.

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