Which gives you more fame and profit as a collector, custom pins or trading pins? Avery Marino

Concerning the question of fame, which method of collecting pins could give you reputation? Would it be to make custom pins which you can run a business out of it? Or is it trading pins which you can do just by simply selling, buying or exchanging pins without further things to consider? No matter what you choose, you get to gain reputation in doing these two. But let it be first examined upon the differences and the perks of these two methods.

Custom PinsCustom pins can be as troublesome as it could be. That is because you have to consider a lot of thing, a flexible amount of time and lots of managing to do after. Managing custom pins means business. First, you create pins in the easiest and fast way of doing them. This might sound easy, but the hard part is to gather them all and to name the price of each pin you make. What is harder is that you need to examine the parameters of your business – whom to sell, where to sell, and how much to profit. Making custom pins allows you to be more practical.

Custom pins require less resources and time to make pins as many as you can. In less than an hour, it is possible to make many pins already, especially when the pin is silk-screened only. And you can also profit by setting high price on every pin you make. Your creation should be justified by the price. And so to make it value really high, put the most of your effort to beautify every creation.

Trading pins on the other hand is far easier than making custom pins. It only requires connections and lots of pins you collect. The secret to gain fame by merely trading is to have connections with notable people who already have reputation in the world of trading pins. And the best way to do this is to join and participate pin-trading events or organizations wherein the members primarily focus its goals on trading pins. Here, you do not need to handle a business to profit with you collection of pins. You only need to befriend similar pin traders, converse with them and negotiate with them. However, the chances are very risky and you might end up losing your collection. But with right strategy of negotiation, fame and profit is guaranteed for you.

Now back to the question, “which gives you more fame and profit, custom pins or a trading pin?” the answer is custom pins. However, the better answer is actually BOTH of them. This is possible only if you make your pins and, at the same time, join pin-trading organizations. But why still join them? This is in order to promote your business of custom pins to other similar pin collectors. They might find some quality pins and try to negotiate with you. You get to profit and be famous by making and trading pins faster and more efficient.

Trading PinsThere are other benefits in doing both, to be specific: Imagine yourself, creating and designing your own personalized custom pins with ease. And you can name its price according to your judgment, and sell them to people with reputation in the world of pin collections. Imagine that they get to display your finest works and you get to be famous among other members of your pin collector’s organization. And what you are only doing is summarized in four steps: making, buying, selling, exchanging. All you need to prepare is the less materials needed, the effort of perfecting what you create and the social skill of getting along with other pin collectors.


Which gives you more fame and profit as a collector, custom pins or trading pins?