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A special occasion deserves a distinctive present, which is not only a keepsake, but will also be a valued symbol of meaningful corporate bond. If you are looking for a unique token to celebrate a milestone in your business, then

www.challengecoins4less.com can provide you with an array of flawlessly crafted challenge coins that are especially designed for the occasion. Crafted from metal, the coin can incorporate your company logo and other design elements to create an ideal piece, which celebrates teamwork and togetherness among employees who share common goals.

Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been around since the early part of the twentieth century when a young American pilot during the First World War is said to have been saved from execution through a solid bronze medallion that he carried along with him in a small leather pouch hanging around his neck. After being captured and stripped of his belongings by Germans, he managed to escape and reached allied troops, only to be suspected of being a saboteur without any proof of identity.


The medallion with the engraved insignia of his flight troop became his lifeline because it was recognized and kept him from being executed.

Different types of bullets were used instead of medallions during the Vietnam War, and it is the danger of having live bullets presented when members of military groups were challenged, leading to the current popularity of the challenge coins.

Thus, the traditional use of challenge coins among military organizations is to prove that the holder belongs to a select group of individuals with strong ties built upon friendship, loyalty and dedication to a common cause. Though the coin’s origin is rooted on military traditions, it has slowly found its way outside the military and government enclaves to make a significant contribution to depict the history of business and social institutions.

Furthermore, from being the object of a challenge for the cost of a few pints of beer when any member of a military group fails to show his coin, challenge coins can be turned into corporate tokens whose owners can be challenged in any occasion that requires proof of being a member of the team.


Www.challengecoins4less.com is quick to respond to demands for unique corporate coins through innovative designs.

They can execute these using copper, black nickel, silver, brass, or gold, with your corporate colors incorporated to make these items distinctive. There are virtually endless combinations of design elements that can make challenge coins unique.

Coins are traditionally rounded but this should not limit your choices because these can be crafted in various shapes in a way that only www.challengecoins4less.com can execute for you or your company. In fact, the company has talented artists who can work closely with you to develop a design, which incorporates your corporate logo and the special occasion where the items are intended for. Furthermore, you need not worry about costly designs and revisions to make a perfect challenge coin for your milestone, because the development of the design and the creation of the artwork are part of the company’s services and are free of charge.

Challenge-CoinsThere are countless options for wonderful mementos for special occasions, such as plaques and other engraved items but these are not appropriate to be carried along with you. Corporate coins are more personal tokens that you can take with you whenever your job takes you to any part of the country or anywhere in the world. You can carry it like a talisman in your pocket and use it to request help from colleagues or challenge them on the strength of the corporate coin that you produce.

For sure, just like in special military groups where the challenge coins held some significance when produced, the same can be done in the corporate milieu, where there are endless possibilities for imbuing significance to a corporate token.

A flawlessly executed corporate coin from www.challengecoins4less can start a tradition in your business, much like how the early medallion spurred the challenge that evolved into a military tradition. However you want your corporate token to be executed, whether with the use of simple and elegant lines to highlight your logo or the use of distinctive wave-cut, rope-cut, or cross-cut edges in the forefront for a more unique, impeccably designed corporate coin, challengecoins4less offers the finest you can get anywhere at the best cost.

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Distinctive Corporate Tokens from www.challengecoins4less.com