The Process of Cremation Richard Parrish

For many people, dealing with the death of a loved one, a family member or a friend is a hard thing to do. As painful as it is, it does not end there. After a family member’s death, there are still many things that must be dealt with. A funeral must take place and the family members must try to endure the loss they experienced.


After the funeral ceremony, the body is buried and left in the soil to eventually decay. That is the traditional way of burying the dead but nowadays, especially in the west, cremation has become a popular choice.

What Is Cremation Anyway?

So, what is cremation? It is a process where the body of a dead person is put in a big chamber (also known as a crematory) and heated until only ashes remain. In this process, the body is reduced into fragments of bone and its basic composition elements. The temperature in a crematory may range from 1400 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and the total time for cremation may take about one to three hours. Once the process is done, the crematory is cooled off and the remains are taken. Metals and other substances left behind are taken and disposed of and the bones are ground by a machine (also called cremulator) and then given to the family members.

What Remains In A Cremated Body?

When a body undergoes cremation the body is reduced back to its basic elements and what remains are only ashes and other substances like hinges, nails, screws (casket parts), prosthetics, implants and pieces of dental work that were left behind. These things are removed by using forceps and/or magnets and the bone fragments become a white powdery substance.

Where Do You Put A Cremated Body?

A cremated body may be put in an urn or in any container of the family’s choice. This urn may be kept by the family or may be buried in the ground in the traditional way. This choice is for the family to make. Some people want to keep the ashes of their loved ones close by. This helps them feel that the person they lost is still with them even in death. This will also be good choice if you want to preserve your ancestors’ ashes and keep them as a remembrance or as a legacy. By having an urn, you have your loved ones close by and you will have the time to pray for them and pay them respects.

Funeral Services

The urn may also be buried in the ground just like any other body, if that is the wish of the family or the person who passed away. Also, you can scatter the remains of the person in his/her favorite place – a place where he/she is deeply attached. Whatever your choice is, you must remember that you must treat with respect the remains and always keep it in a safe and solemn place.


Recovery from the loss of a loved one may be hard, especially for children, since the idea of life and death may still be too complex for them. Having the deceased family member remain close with you may help with your recovery from the tragic experience. This will not always work for everyone. Some people intentionally bury their dead and not keep them close to forget about the painful event. If however, you feel more comfortable with the ashes of your loved one with you, then you may do as you please. If it will help with the recovery and help you carry on with your everyday life normally, then keeping the urn with you might just be a good idea.

The Process of Cremation

Tips in Creating a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Diagram Gretchen Hill

Lots of people who are looking to purchase printed circuit boards want to create their own designs. However, it is important to remember that in order to obtain the best quality, one must have sufficient knowledge of how to assemble printed circuit boards. Whether you want to fabricate them on your own or you simply need to know how this process is done, this guideline that we have prepared for you can certainly be of great help.
Printed Circuit BoardThe printed circuit board assembly diagram is like a plan that you are required to make before you can begin placing silicone by hand. They are highly important since they serve as pictographic guides. These diagrams will help you remember the exact components that go on specific pads and locations by the time you are assembling them. It is a good thing especially for beginners to know that there are CAD tools that can help them create these diagrams with ease.

Switching on the correct layers that are required to generate your printed circuit board assembly diagram is the first step you have to take. Simply look for the layer setting on the CAD program you chose to use.

Generally, a single-sided board is the most ideal design you can start with, especially if you are just creating your first prototype assembly. It is important to turn off the unnecessary layers on your options.

You only need to turn on a couple of them such as the value indicator for the components, the dimension which defines the orientation of your PCB by providing an outer geometry, and the top silkscreen layer where you can usually find the part orientation indicators.

The pads must also be active –

The surface mount components will be given context and orientation through it. It is also important to have the layer that indicates the center location of the components you have. You would also want to turn on the assembly or engineering notes if you have an option for that on the program you choose to use.


The layers have different names on different programs so if you happen to read a certain guideline that tackles a specific CAD program, you should be cautious when using a different one. The part value labels must be adjusted after these steps. They should not be overlooked as in most cases, they will still have the wrong size based on the scale of your printed circuit boards or will still face the wrong direction.

The next thing to do is to detach the value label from the part –

This will allow you to resize, move and do whatever you want on them separately. When you have already done this, you can then resize the part values according to what best fits the scale of the printed circuit boards. In various programs, there will be certain layers that you should turn off while doing this in order to avoid modifying them accidentally. The silkscreen layer is one of them.

It would be best to use a CAD program that is user-friendly

There are a few programs that will help you organize the labels after resizing them. In some CAD programs, you will be able to move the part labels one by one. Some of them have indicators that will help you determine as to which component a certain label belongs to so you can easily put them back to place. You have the option to rotate the labels if you want to.

Remember to consider the scale of your PCBs –

You can judge whether you’ve done things right simply by looking at your diagram. You can ask a professional in case you want to be certain about it. It is ideal to print it out and simply grab an analog copy of it. The next step, if you want to proceed is the printed circuit board assembly. After that, you can then place each of your components. These are entirely different from just designing your PCBs and we recommend that you leave this work to the professionals.

Keep in mind that not all of the CAD programs are reliable for this matter. Additionally, though these factors and guideline are quite enough in order to create a printed circuit board assembly diagram, there is still a lot to learn to ensure the quality and functionality of the product especially when dealing with a more complex system. If you need a manufacturer that can assure you of producing high quality PCB assembly, simply contact us today.

 Author Bio   Here we are sharing some tips in creating a Printed Circuit Board assembly diagram, if you need more information you can visit our website or contact to us.
Tips in Creating a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Diagram

Tips in Organizing Your Storage Container Marion Moon

It is not uncommon for people to move their things to a storage unit to make their life a little less cluttered.  As such, it does not necessarily mean that you can transfer the mess from your home or office to your storage container.  A disorganized storage container has several negative effects that not only cause inconvenience, but are also safety hazards:

Storage Container

  • A cluttered, just like a cluttered home or work space, is not a sight you want to look at.  Although you do not go to your storage container all the time, you do not want a big mess to greet you when you roll up the container door.
  • Pests like roaches and rats thrive in messy places.  This includes your storage too.
  • It is harder to find stuff when they are all over the place. It could take you hours rifling through boxes just to look for one item in particular.
  • Improperly stowed items can fall on you or anyone going into your storage and cause injury. A book falling on your head is painful enough, what more if it were a large TV?
  • Your items can get damaged if you do not store them properly.  If you think about it, if do not mind them getting damaged, you might not really need to keep them in storage.  You might want to consider disposing of things if you do not want to store them properly.

To avoid these, here are some tips that you can follow when it comes to moving your things to a storage container:

  1. Use sturdy boxes – the boxes that you use should be able to hold the items and still keep their shape.  Check their weight capacity and stacking limits.  If you have a little more budget to spare, you can check out inexpensive plastic containers from your local home improvement store or hardware.
  2. Decide on what to “lose” or “keep” – junk the pack rat mentality and be more practical about what you choose to keep in storage.  You want to be able to maximize your storage space.  For things that you are willing to “lose” but do not want to throw away, you can either hold a garage sale and make money out of them or give them away for charity.
  3. Label your boxes – sort your items, put them in boxes, and then label them accordingly.  Some of the most common labels you will end up with are holiday decorations, kitchenware, electronics, toys, photographs, files, etc. Make sure that the labels remain visible even if you don’t move the containers. This system of labeling will help avoid having to go through “mystery” boxes to find what you need.
  4. container-storageShelve it – use shelves to save on floor space.  This will also help you with the stacking issue as you do not have to stack the boxes on top of each other.  You can choose to use metal or wooden shelves.  There are pros and cons to each one so make sure that you weigh them carefully based on both cost and practical reasons.
  5. Compartmentalize – arrange your boxes in a logical manner, or at least one that makes sense to you.  Do not just stuff the boxes into the shelves randomly.  One idea is to arrange them according to the room they belong to – i.e. kitchen, bedroom, living room, entertainment and electronics, and clothes.
  6. Position big items against the wall – you have to make sure that your big items are properly supported so they would not topple over accidentally.  They might break your other items when they do fall.  Worse, they could fall on you when you walk into your storage container.  Dressers, bureaus, mattresses, and other similar items should be secured in place.
  7. Protect your belongings – storage containers such as those from are already made from high quality steel that are wind and water tight.  This guarantees that the items you have stored there will not likely be damaged due to water or mildew problems.  You do, however, need to make sure that you protect your items from damage due to accidental dropping or falling. There are products to protect items such as photographs and paintings as well as breakables like china, vases, and figurines.  Place these items in containers that will not be crushed under the weight of other boxes and items.

We at support your efforts for an organized life.  We provide you with solutions so that you can have “a place for everything and everything in its place.”  We hope that these storage organizing tips have given you a good idea of how to go about your storage container tasks.


At, we  provide best rental and purchase services for portable storage container. For more details contact to us.

Tips in Organizing Your Storage Container

Distinctive Corporate Tokens from Karen Cruz

A special occasion deserves a distinctive present, which is not only a keepsake, but will also be a valued symbol of meaningful corporate bond. If you are looking for a unique token to celebrate a milestone in your business, then can provide you with an array of flawlessly crafted challenge coins that are especially designed for the occasion. Crafted from metal, the coin can incorporate your company logo and other design elements to create an ideal piece, which celebrates teamwork and togetherness among employees who share common goals.

Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been around since the early part of the twentieth century when a young American pilot during the First World War is said to have been saved from execution through a solid bronze medallion that he carried along with him in a small leather pouch hanging around his neck. After being captured and stripped of his belongings by Germans, he managed to escape and reached allied troops, only to be suspected of being a saboteur without any proof of identity.


The medallion with the engraved insignia of his flight troop became his lifeline because it was recognized and kept him from being executed.

Different types of bullets were used instead of medallions during the Vietnam War, and it is the danger of having live bullets presented when members of military groups were challenged, leading to the current popularity of the challenge coins.

Thus, the traditional use of challenge coins among military organizations is to prove that the holder belongs to a select group of individuals with strong ties built upon friendship, loyalty and dedication to a common cause. Though the coin’s origin is rooted on military traditions, it has slowly found its way outside the military and government enclaves to make a significant contribution to depict the history of business and social institutions.

Furthermore, from being the object of a challenge for the cost of a few pints of beer when any member of a military group fails to show his coin, challenge coins can be turned into corporate tokens whose owners can be challenged in any occasion that requires proof of being a member of the team. is quick to respond to demands for unique corporate coins through innovative designs.

They can execute these using copper, black nickel, silver, brass, or gold, with your corporate colors incorporated to make these items distinctive. There are virtually endless combinations of design elements that can make challenge coins unique.

Coins are traditionally rounded but this should not limit your choices because these can be crafted in various shapes in a way that only can execute for you or your company. In fact, the company has talented artists who can work closely with you to develop a design, which incorporates your corporate logo and the special occasion where the items are intended for. Furthermore, you need not worry about costly designs and revisions to make a perfect challenge coin for your milestone, because the development of the design and the creation of the artwork are part of the company’s services and are free of charge.

Challenge-CoinsThere are countless options for wonderful mementos for special occasions, such as plaques and other engraved items but these are not appropriate to be carried along with you. Corporate coins are more personal tokens that you can take with you whenever your job takes you to any part of the country or anywhere in the world. You can carry it like a talisman in your pocket and use it to request help from colleagues or challenge them on the strength of the corporate coin that you produce.

For sure, just like in special military groups where the challenge coins held some significance when produced, the same can be done in the corporate milieu, where there are endless possibilities for imbuing significance to a corporate token.

A flawlessly executed corporate coin from www.challengecoins4less can start a tradition in your business, much like how the early medallion spurred the challenge that evolved into a military tradition. However you want your corporate token to be executed, whether with the use of simple and elegant lines to highlight your logo or the use of distinctive wave-cut, rope-cut, or cross-cut edges in the forefront for a more unique, impeccably designed corporate coin, challengecoins4less offers the finest you can get anywhere at the best cost.

Here we explain about custom coins, if you want to know more about custom coins you can visit our website –

Distinctive Corporate Tokens from

Patch Microeconomics: Gail Aiken

How we create small embroidered pieces to help organizations

Believe it or not, once upon a time, patches were the only way to identify a recognized organization or unit. Long before organizations were recognized legally, patches were used as a means to identify its members.

As the years passed, patches are now synonymous with identifying members of a specific group, recognizing people with similar tastes in pop culture and social awareness

Custom PatchNow that the patches are back in fashion, there is also the potential for small time entrepreneurs and established organizations to capitalize on this iconic accessory. Entrepreneurs can have patches of varying designs made and sold to various customers who need patches. The best customers are those who are DIY aficionados and aspiring artisans. They are then followed by people who are looking for a subtle, but bold means of expressing their admiration for a specific icon. This tactic allows small time entrepreneurs to make a small profit for themselves as well. For organizations, the patches are made to spread awareness of a certain topic or issue such as LGBT, Cancer Awareness and even National Pride.

The most popular patches are iron on patches. As its name implies, they are basically patches that are attached to the desired medium by the use of an iron. These are favorable because they provide a finished and seamless look and are perfect for those who are not quite adept at sewing neatly.

So where can entrepreneurs and organizations acquire iron on patches?

Our service includes creating customized patches for people who wish to capitalize on the new and popular trend of subtle badges. We make them in minimum orders of 10 pieces and so on, which gives our clients the choice to order in bulk!

Creating custom iron on patches is very simple. Our artists follow a simple step by step guide. The first step is design. A custom patch won’t really be called a custom patch if it wasn’t made uniquely. We design the patches according to how the clients envision the look. We can even enhance the rough sketches for a more defined look. For entrepreneurs looking to make patches out of existing icons and images, they only need to make modifications. Whatever the design, what makes the patch is what it means to the user.

The second step is choosing the embroidery thread. Our package allows 7 free threads to use. Afterwards, our artists can show our clients the option of how the embroidery can be done. The choices are either fully embroidered or partially embroidered patches.

The next step is sizing. Because these are custom patches, our service includes making patches in varying sizes. The patches can also be made in various shapes. Our artists give clients the option to have their patches shaped like circles, star or even stenciled out designs.

The next step is choosing the patches backing. We have a wide range of patch backing to choose from. We have tape backing, Velcro backing, plastic backing, button loop backing and of course, the most popular of all, the iron on backing for iron on patches.

The next step is to decide whether the patches have borders or not. Ideally, the borders are designed to keep the stray threads in line as well as show a detailed and clean look. We advise our clients to choose either the standard merrow border which gives the patch a simple, but classic look, or the hot cut edge, which gives intricately detailed patches a sharper look.

We also offer additional patch options such as the use of metallic threads instead of common threads for those eye-popping graphics and additional thread colors. We believe that offering these additional options allows entrepreneurs and organizations the chance to venture further in their patch design supply.

The best part of our service is that we do free costing. Once our clients are sure of their patch specifications, they fill up a form with the necessary details such as size and quantity. Then they send it to us and after reviewing it, we send it back to them with the complete cost options.

PatchThis is done so that our clients can see the total cost of the design and whether or not they will opt for a different look or accept it. We strive to make our client’s satisfaction our top priority. And we put 100% in producing the many patches they will either sell or promote.

We do what we can to help our communities in their many endeavors. We believe that producing custom patches such as the popular iron on patches are the best and most effective way for people to earn a little bit of money on the side. We prize positive satisfaction from entrepreneur and their customers, as well as workmanship and service of the highest caliber.

Patch Microeconomics:

Simple Tips For Buying New Golf Equipment Andre Hanson

So many people out there want to try and play golf, but are too scared to even set foot on the green because they don’t really have a good idea of what kind of golf equipment they need to get themselves started.

Golf EquipmentGolf professionals and manufacturers would have people believe that the amount of research and development that’s invested in producing these pieces of equipment borders on the realm of fiction. The simple truth is that it can actually be made easy.

Sure enough, golf companies do spend a lot of time and effort in making their fine wares, but that doesn’t mean that a person has to have a degree in engineering to understand some of the basics of buying golf products.

Below are a few simple tips that can help a person get the right piece of golf equipment.

Looking at how it fits

Getting a good set of golf clubs takes more than just buying the right brand, getting the latest model, or shelling out an amount of cash that could put someone through college. It’s about the right fitting.

That may sound ridiculous, but getting the proper club fitting is serious business. Golf clinics (some offer this service absolutely free of charge) are staffed with employees who can help someone find the proper fitting club. A person can buy the most expensive and advanced club only for it to amount to nothing if it doesn’t fit properly fit.

Beginners don’t have to worry about getting a good fit for their golf equipment that much since most golf clinics will have professionals who can get it right.

Understanding some of the different kinds of clubs

A golf club is more than just a piece of metal that people use to whack a golf ball over a long distance.

There are plenty of different golf clubs out there. There are woods, irons, hybrids, and of course the putter. All of these clubs have a different role in a golfer’s game. These are the tools that compose every golfer’s arsenal, and getting to know each and every one of them is important for anyone who wants to take the game seriously, or even casually.

Learning about the different kinds of golf clubs, their role, when to use them, and so forth, might seem a little daunting especially to those who have little to no knowledge of what they are. However, a little bit of study and research can go a long way in knowing what these different clubs are for and what to look for when buying them, whether new or old.

Checking the price tag

Golf-EquipmentOne of the most important factors in choosing the right equipment is the price. All people should learn to set a budget, unless they’re willing to end up spending too much money on stuff that they don’t really need in the first place.

Making a budget depends on a person’s needs. Those who plan to take the sport seriously better have a hug budget if they want to really hone their skills. Those who plan to play it for recreational or casual reasons will be better off with a small budget to buy the things necessary just to play the game.

How to buy secondhand

Those who are on a really tight budget can always opt to buy their equipment secondhand. In fact, there are websites on the internet that specialize in selling secondhand equipment. They put their products through rigorous testing, inspection and scrutiny to check whether something is even worth selling to their customer.

Getting golf equipment secondhand is a good option for those who are still not sure of what their plans are with the game.

Simple Tips For Buying New Golf Equipment

How To Be A Motivational Speaker? Brent Byrne

Business entities are often in need of a good motivational speaker to help them strategize about the company’s issues, inspire the employees to work harder and aim for the success in the future, and to rally the employees into one goal and objective. Many people these days think that a motivational speaker is just new age nonsense. It is true that most of these speakers do not really offer anything of value, but there are speakers who can really inspire the audience. They are not just about to stand behind a podium and talk nonstop in front of a huge crowd. They are hired to share inspirational stories and get their listeners to move, figuratively or literally.

Motivational Speaker

With the right tool and motivational magic, these speakers really make a great impact on one’s life. They would not only show how to make a change, but they should also teach on how to do it well. It is true that we can just find inspirational stories online; we can search for it and read them at the comfort of our home. However, listening to a story from another human being who has actually been through a challenging experience can be more effective, so much so that it can drive the audience to action.

A responsible motivational speaker allots time to research about the industry or the entity he is dedicating the speech to. After knowing their background and the issue he needs to tackle, he must plan for a technique on how to make that “moment” with the audience to capture their attention and establish a connection. He can make use of tools such as videos, images, and graphs. Of course, what really counts is the content of his speech.

Here are some ways on how to become a motivational speaker and on how to be an effective one:

1. Choosing the topic for the speech. After knowing your audience and the problems they are facing, talk about how they can overcome these and what change they need to solve the problem. You should come up with a real story of success, happiness and fulfillment. Nothing is really prohibited so long as it inspires the audience around you.

2. Be consistent. Keep your thoughts and messages relevant to each other. You do not want to talk about how to pay for the bills if the problem is out of that topic. Give them the reason to take an action to change for the better.

3. Study the topic you will deliver for the event. Your audiences expect so much about you and you do not want them to be disappointed. You should read, study, and analyze the situation you will be dealing about. A good motivational speaker is always ready and consistent.

4. Learn more and improve yourself. Enroll in your community’s colleges or universities that short-time offer courses about public speaking. You could also record yourself while doing your speech. This will give you an opportunity to point out good and bad things you do.

Motivationa-Speaker5. Make a name. Famous motivational speakers also came from the bottom. As that of what businesses do, make a marketing strategy of your own. Advertise your speeches or offer free talk to an occasion and eventually build your brand in the industry.

A good motivational speaker is someone who is really confident to change and persuade people to the great side of life. But a better speaker is someone who does not only speak about life’s greatest rewards but also teaches people how to get there. They are here not only to inspire people but also to make them realize why change is for the better.

Motivational speakers are surely understood specialists for their diverting, modified and look into driven projects. Having a constructive outcome through open talking is the primary reason for the motivational speaker.

How To Be A Motivational Speaker?

Which gives you more fame and profit as a collector, custom pins or trading pins? Avery Marino

Concerning the question of fame, which method of collecting pins could give you reputation? Would it be to make custom pins which you can run a business out of it? Or is it trading pins which you can do just by simply selling, buying or exchanging pins without further things to consider? No matter what you choose, you get to gain reputation in doing these two. But let it be first examined upon the differences and the perks of these two methods.

Custom PinsCustom pins can be as troublesome as it could be. That is because you have to consider a lot of thing, a flexible amount of time and lots of managing to do after. Managing custom pins means business. First, you create pins in the easiest and fast way of doing them. This might sound easy, but the hard part is to gather them all and to name the price of each pin you make. What is harder is that you need to examine the parameters of your business – whom to sell, where to sell, and how much to profit. Making custom pins allows you to be more practical.

Custom pins require less resources and time to make pins as many as you can. In less than an hour, it is possible to make many pins already, especially when the pin is silk-screened only. And you can also profit by setting high price on every pin you make. Your creation should be justified by the price. And so to make it value really high, put the most of your effort to beautify every creation.

Trading pins on the other hand is far easier than making custom pins. It only requires connections and lots of pins you collect. The secret to gain fame by merely trading is to have connections with notable people who already have reputation in the world of trading pins. And the best way to do this is to join and participate pin-trading events or organizations wherein the members primarily focus its goals on trading pins. Here, you do not need to handle a business to profit with you collection of pins. You only need to befriend similar pin traders, converse with them and negotiate with them. However, the chances are very risky and you might end up losing your collection. But with right strategy of negotiation, fame and profit is guaranteed for you.

Now back to the question, “which gives you more fame and profit, custom pins or a trading pin?” the answer is custom pins. However, the better answer is actually BOTH of them. This is possible only if you make your pins and, at the same time, join pin-trading organizations. But why still join them? This is in order to promote your business of custom pins to other similar pin collectors. They might find some quality pins and try to negotiate with you. You get to profit and be famous by making and trading pins faster and more efficient.

Trading PinsThere are other benefits in doing both, to be specific: Imagine yourself, creating and designing your own personalized custom pins with ease. And you can name its price according to your judgment, and sell them to people with reputation in the world of pin collections. Imagine that they get to display your finest works and you get to be famous among other members of your pin collector’s organization. And what you are only doing is summarized in four steps: making, buying, selling, exchanging. All you need to prepare is the less materials needed, the effort of perfecting what you create and the social skill of getting along with other pin collectors.


Which gives you more fame and profit as a collector, custom pins or trading pins?